<aside> 💡 Only Picksell Pay payment method is available for Picksell users. You can connect unlimited amount of your bank accounts to Picksell. At any time you can change settings, delete a bank account or add a new one.


You can add a new bank account(s) or manage already connected ones on the Payments methods (https://picksell.eu/profile/accounts) web page or on your Profile page in the app.



In your web account all banks with accounts are displayed and managed from one screen. In the app you have to select and click the exact connected bank to got full info displayed.


What payment method settings are available:


Picksell Pay access update

Updating a bank access provide Picksell Pay with access to your bank accounts for 90 days since the day of updating.

Steps of updating are same to bank connecting steps.


How to add or delete a bank account?

If you want to delete or add a new account of already connected bank, you should delete the bank with all accounts from Picksell and reconnect it again.