You can connect all your bank accounts from your web either app profile page or checkout page.

In the web account go to Payment methods and click Connect bank.

In the app account go to your profile page and click Connect bank.

On the Checkout page click Connect bank in the Payment method section.

Further steps are same for web and app flow.

  1. Agree with Terms&Conditions (link to Safety).

  2. Select your bank.

  1. Confirm your permission to give Picksell access to your personal and payments details:

Access confirmation is mandatory. You can always change settings (ссылка на редактирование и изменение платёжных данных) in your account details page.

After confirmation access is valid for 90 days and need to be updated after expiration.

  1. You will be redirected to your bank website or app to confirm connection and back to Picksell to finish connection via entering your bank account login and password.

  1. You could be asked by your bank to go through some automated authentication .

  1. Connection is successfully finished!