Picksell is advantageable not only for business but for your customers as well thus helps to grow their loyalty and to bring them back for new purchases.

Attract new customers

Picksell brings new customers by recommending your shopping page to relevant categories of Picksell app and web users.

Get loyal followers

Customers can follow your shopping page on Picksell — like they would any account on social media. Keep them informed, provided and motivated!

Access anywhere

Sell to your customers around the corner, or deliver to London - all via the web or the Picksell app.


Place a QR code in your showroom or on a billboard on the Via Montenapoleone. Minimum contact with staff, maximum exposure to customers.

Direct contact

Speak directly to your clients. Send exclusive personalized offers. Create long term loyalty.


Picksell GDPR and SCA compliance means we keep data safe, customers can rest assured they are fully in control of their personal information and protected from any data misuse.