<aside> 💡 With Picksell you can go shopping online and in-store with no risks. Picksell QR-codes expand you shopping opportunities and enable to start purchasing from in-store or wherever you have met a product you like. No waiting, no personal contacts. Besides you physical safety and comfort, your data is highly protected while shopping and paying with Picksell.


Shopping safety - QR COVID ready

Scan a QR code of a product on any surface — a PC or smartphone screen, in-store or on a billboard. You will be forwarded to the Picksell app or website where you can buy a scanned product and order delivery or save it in a cart to continue shopping later. Shop wherever you are! Minimum contact with staff, maximum advantages for you.

Data safety

Using Picksell, you can be sure that no one has access to your personal, banks, payment data and you protected from any data misuse.